Studio Kitchen

Studio Kitchen is truly a unique space. At one end of the studio, our fully functional rustic kitchen is perfect for capturing food and cooking content, whilst the other end, a warehouse lounge/dining area is a great space to film interviews, or to use as a breakout area.

The studio has three large, beautiful, Victorian windows all fitted with full blackout blinds for controlled lighting, alternatively you can keep them open for amazing natural light throughout the day. Other features include original Victorian floorboards and white painted brick walls. 

The kitchen has been designed with film and photography in mind, we chose this distinctive rustic warehouse look for an urban edge whilst keeping a warm homely feel. It’s a bespoke kitchen designed and built by our own team, you won’t find another like it.

The studio has a slide mount lighting rig with overhead power and three pantagraphs, great for mounting lights with extra precision, saving floor space and helping to keep lighting out of frame.

The kitchen surfaces have been created using a black concrete mix, a solution created and designed specifically for Studio Kitchen, with a polished yet rugged finish. 

The cupboards close with seamless strips running the width of the kitchen counters. The wooden herringbone backboard ties the kitchen together supplying the whole space with extra warmth. 

The kitchen island is mounted on lockable wheels, allowing it to move to your required depth. The island surface is joined wood, with under shelving built from reclaimed Georgian floorboards, These are filled with vintage crates which are removable to allow this space to be filled for your own design. We have a portable induction hob included which can be used on the island as an extra cooking option. 

We have two Smeg fridges, one is a fully working fridge freezer, and the other is a replica backless fridge, adapted for getting those tricky opening fridge shots. As well as this, the studio includes a chest freezer, microwave, double oven, induction hob and several other kitchen appliances (please get in touch if you are in need of a specific appliance).


What we think

Studio Kitchen is perhaps our most charming space, with a number of big perks all included in the price. It’s a beautiful area with amazing views over London and spectacular sunsets. But don’t take our word for it, come down and have a look.

Studio Kitchen Features:

  • Large Urban Kitchen
  • Concrete Worktops
  • Central Island Worktop
  • Pantograph Lighting Rig
  • Three Large Warehouse Windows
  • Different Surfaces Available
  • Sofa and Furniture Props Available
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Wooden Floors
  • Natual Light or Blacked Out Blinds
  • No Restrictions on Hiring Kit Externaly
  • Lighting Kit Rental Available on Request
  • All Kitchen Apliances Fully Working
  • 100 litre chest freezer
  • Backless Smeg Fridge


Unit 11D, Block 1, Dockyard Industrial Estate,

Woolwich, SE18 5PQ

Studio Green Power:

  • 18 x 13 Amp Sockets
  • 2 x 13 Amp Cieling Sockets
  • 1 x 32 Amp Three Phase Socket


800sq ft Total

Cieling Hieght: 4.6m

Studio Kitchen


Half day (5 hours)


Full day (10 hours)

*The above price is for weekdays, for a weekend day we have £75 surcharge.



Along with all the normal household kitchen utensiles Studio Kitchen has a small collection of cosmetic surface tiles. Along with a fully working Smeg fridge the studio comes with a backless Smeg fridge allowing you to get those inside shots with a full size camera system.

Surface List:

  • 5x 600mm x 600mm Stone and Marble Panels
  • 3 x 400mm x 300mm Stone and Slate Panels
  • Small amount of small food surfaces and slates.
  • 2 x Tableware sets of Plates and Bowls
  • Basic Cuttlery Set
  • Various Wooden Chopping Boards
  • Kitchen Knife Set
  • Induction Cooking Utensils and Pans

A selection of 2.7m colourama paper backdrops are also available to hire, which can be setup on request. If you are looking for a specific colour paper, just let us know and we can order it in for you in advance.


We have a variety of in-house lighting available to hire. Alternatively we have no objections with you bringing in your own equipment or hired lighting from elsewhere.


Contact Us

Contact Us

To get in touch for enquiries or bookings please call us or email driectly at office@crixusstudios.co.uk

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