Studio Green

Our chroma green cyclorama studio, is designed for productions looking for an all encompasing green screen studio. Along with the cycrloama Studio Green includes two breakout areas including a makeup area, changing areas, sofas and clothes hanging. The studio is split over two levels allowing clients a great view over the studio whilst keeping the floor clear for the production crew.


Studio 1: Features

Studio Green can also be converted into a black out studio. It only takes 15 minutes to hang out our black curtains and roll out our wipeable black vinyl and you have a fully black studio. 

Studio Green Features:

Chroma Green Cycrlorama
Lighting Rig
Paper backdrop Coloramas
Green Room
Makeup area
Sofa and Furniture props available
Sound Proofed
Air conditioned


12x 13 amp sockets
2x 16amp socketss
1x 32 Three Phase (Extension cable required)

Studio Green


Weekdays (9 hour day)


Weekends (9 hour day)

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